Trucking and Warehousing

BJH logistics worldwide network is designed to global sourcing, warehousing, distribution demand & requirements. We have our own trucking fleet company owning 3-ton,5-ton,8-ton,10-ton truck and 20feet,40feet,40HQ trailer and long vehicles. Whenever you give the order, our truck will be duly available in any places as you expect. We assure that your goods be faithfully delivered to your clients hand in the demanded time.

Our timely, safe, cost-effective trucking and warehousing service include

  • Cargo pick-up & delivery & distribution

  • Packing, barcode, crating, sorting

  •  Cargo inspection & witness loading & camera photo

  • Quality management

  •  Pick & pack & order fulfillment management

  •  Single & multiple vendor consolidation

  •  Loading & devanning, safe storage

  •  Distribution based on PO or ORDER

  •  Door to door delivery

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